PC + Mac Support

ClickMedia believes that both PC and Mac have their merits and we don’t try to sell one solution over the other.
In reality, we have moved on from the days of one being better for business over the other.  With cloud technology taking an increasingly bigger step into day to day business, using PC or Mac doesn’t have the implications it once did.
Software is now designed to work on both platforms and with cloud technology, the computer you use it not as important as it once was.

We have used both PC and Mac professionally and personally for over 18 years and are happy to listen to our clients requirements and then discuss a solution that is going to work best for them.

We find most clients are well aware of the potential for technology and products to enhance their business but just don’t have the knowledge or experience in the field, that’s where ClickMedia can help.
We manage and facilitate the design,installation and practical aspects of integrating technology into a business model for clients.