men-connecting-puzzle-426x250ClickMedia helps regional Agencies who use Perth based IT support Departments find solutions to existing IT issues by working on their behalf.

Based in regional WA, many State Government agencies rely on technical support and advice from a centrally based IT Department, commonly Perth. This can be a challenge for local staff who quite often have unresolved issues on their computers, software or both. The remoteness quite often means Perth based IT support staff are unable to travel to the region leaving local agencies with unresolved IT issues. Although some of the problems are small, they create inefficiencies as staff struggle to adapt and find work arounds.

Sometimes described as relationship management, ClickMedia has extensive experience working with inter-agency clients and I.T Departments.
Our role is listen to staff, identify those problems and then work with IT Departments to find resolutions.
With over 18 years working in the IT sector including Government IT Departments, ClickMedia has the knowledge and expertise to deal with a wide range of issues Agencies deal with.